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Pottery Wheel Lessons

Do you have what it takes to play in the mud?  

We specialize in all things muddy and artful. 


If you've always wanted to throw pottery on a wheel or maybe have another go at it, book one of our private wheel lessons with Miles. If you are ready to dive in head first, consider one of our 6 week class offerings. 



🎨Have you ever wanted to learn how to throw pottery on a wheel?

🎨Start a new hobby?

🎨Find a therapeutic outlet?



Join one of our 6-week pottery wheel throwing classes to begin your journey.


During the 6 week course, students will learn the fundamentals of centering, throwing, trimming, and glazing functional pieces.


Registration is now open for the following classes:


Thursdays-6:00pm-8:00pm January 12-February 16


Fridays-6:00pm-8:00pm January 13-February 17


Package Options:


A-$220 (no open studio time)


B-$350 (includes unlimited studio time during open studio hours)




Wednesday 11-5


Thursday 11-5


Friday 2-5


Saturday 12-4


*Open Studio is not an instructional time. It is a time to hone your skills independently.


*Tool Kits required for class. Available for an additional $25 if student does not already have one.


*The course registration cost allots for the first 25 lbs. of clay. There will be a cost for additional clay. Clay used during class or Open Studio must be purchased from Mountain Creative.


*These particular Wheel Classes are designed for ages 14 and up.


*Seating is limited. If classes are filled, let us know you are interested and we will kindly add you to our waitlist, as well as notify you of our next round of wheel classes.


We look forward to creating with you!


Mountain Creative

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