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Paint Your Own Pottery 

We have a shop full of hundreds of Paint Your Own Pottery (PYOP) items just waiting on you to create.  The prices start at a few dollars and go up.  We truly feel like our shelves are stocked to offer something for everyone!  Just incase you haven't been to see us yet, we'd like to share the process with you.  

*Come in and wash your hands.  Any grease or lotions might prevent the glaze from adhering to the clay body.  

*Pick your piece from our loaded shelves.  

*Select from our many paint options at our Paint Bar.  

*Enjoy your time painting your piece.  We have all the tools you need to customize it just the way it looks in your head!  ;) 

*Pay for your item.  Leave your mess for us.  Pick up your masterpiece in 7 days after it's been fired in our kiln.  

*Need an item F-A-S-T for a special occasion?  Ask about our FAST FIRE option.  

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