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The Mountain Mess Room


For years, we have dreamed of having a room that encouraged creativity, fun, movement & a whole lot of mess without any worry of staying clean and neat during the process. We wanted a room that would accommodate friends, families, work groups, or solo creative experiences. After years of planning & months of fabricating, we have created the MOUNTAIN MESS ROOM! All while releasing stress, fostering creativity, and fueling your Jackson Pollock like abilities, we will provide you with the gear, the paint, the canvas, and the room to go wild! 


Select between the THE MOUNTAIN GATHERING (a whole group), THE MOUNTAIN DATE (for the love birds), or THE MOUNTAIN SESH (the solo experience). We even have a BLACK LIGHT Paint Experience for all the fluorescent fun! 


Here's some information if you are considering a super fun, paint filled experience:


What is the Mountain Mess Room?  

Our MOUNTAIN MESS ROOM is a creative space for people to have a ton of fun with paint. The experience is not only  entertaining, but also therapeutic; making it a great activity for all ages. Splatter as much paint on the canvas as you desire, in any manner you desire. Much like a Jackson Pollock piece, the goal is to let loose, make a mess, and have fun!


What is included in my Mountain Mess Experience?

You experience will include a hooded poncho or jumpsuit, shoe booties, shower cap, protective eyewear, a canvas, brushes & cups of paint.

Please wear clothes/shoes you don't mind getting dirty! Plan to remove your shoes and socks and paint barefoot in booties. We are not responsible for any ruined clothes/shoes.  Paint stains and if you are splatting, especially with other creator’s in your party, there is a chance it could get on clothing, even with gear on.  We use acrylic paint because it creates the best final product, but ***acrylic is not washable from fabric.***  


How do I reserve a Mountain Mess Experience? 

The MOUNTAIN MESS ROOM is by pre-paid reservation only.  We need to make sure we have adequate supplies for everyone so your experience is the best!  Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to make sure we can accommodate everyone. To reserve an experience, you can send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, call us at 304-612-6425, or you can make the reservation in person at our shop, Mountain Creative, located at 1200 Speedway Ave in Fairmont.  

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your reservation. Groups arriving more than 10 minutes after their reservation time will forfeit time from their experience.  

All sales are final. No refunds will be issued.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are so excited to bring this creative outlet to The Friendly City! 

Miles & Jessie

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